You’ll Find High-Quality Tree Trimmers in Sarasota at Lamb Tree Care!

For over 25 years Lamb Tree Care Service has provided professional tree services in the greater Sarasota area. One of our areas of expertise is tree trimming. In Florida, regular tree trimming is critical for several reasons:

Tree Trimming before and after in Sarasota

  • Removal of branches that can damage property
  • Pruning dead or dying foliage
  • Improving the health of the tree
  • Trimming to create a more pleasant look
  • Clearing up storm damage and preventing future damage
  • Removing parts of a tree damaged by insects

Our professional arborists will come to your home or business and assess your trees. We can then recommend trimming as needed to provide healthier and safer trees on your property. Ignoring a tree can create liability for you if it breaks or falls and damages your neighbors’ property, so consider tree trimming a cost-effective way to reduce liability.

Proper trimming can also help your yard and foliage grow properly by allowing better light and sun to reach the ground. Overgrown trees are not healthy and their life will be shortened if they are not trimmed periodically. Our arborists at Lamb Tree Care Service will understand how to safely trim your trees to provide a balance of shade and light as well as keeping the trees healthy well into the future.

Lamb Tree Care Service is fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind. For more information on all our tree services available in Venice, Sarasota, and Bradenton please call 941-377-3333.