You May Need Tree Injections

Did you know there is such a thing as vaccinations for trees? Yes, sometimes when your tree experiences disease, it may be prudent to treat it with a sort of medicinal injection, much the same way you would a person. Lamb Tree Care would like to briefly explain this, and make you aware of this great option we have in lieu of total tree removal.
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Tree Injection Services at Lamb Tree Care

Tree injection is a type of fertilizer capsule that makes its way into the xylem (its central core) with the hope of halting or reversing disease growth. Sometimes injections are termed vaccines, trunk injections, or microinjections. They are very effective for the following reasons:

  • There is scientific evidence confirming their efficacy, both in terms of improving the health of the tree as well as developing resistance to recurrence.
  • If done correctly, they require rather low dosages and can reduce the need for pesticide interventions.
  • They work really well if you time the treatment appropriately. Much like tree trimming, there’s a certain time of year where it’s safer for the tree, based upon temperature, humidity, and insect proliferation. It’s better to do it in the fall, but here in Florida, the temperature may be consistent enough throughout the year for that to matter less than in other places.
  • Once the injection reaches the xylem, it’s easy for the tree’s vessel systems to distribute the vaccine throughout the rest of the tree.

Are Tree Injections Environmentally Friendly?

We can vouchsafe for using only the safest injection products. The substances we use don’t contaminate groundwater, kill earthworms (as many chemicals do), or tarnish the soil in any way.

Are They Safe For Children and Pets?

Yes, they are. Especially when you compare them with other more intrusive measures, using a mild treatment substance is a totally safe approach to tree care. We’d go so far as to say you encounter more toxicity with everyday products like weed killers and pesticides.

In summation, we contend that tree injections are among the safest ways to treat and cure a whole host of arboreal diseases.

Lamb Tree Care offers tree injection services to residents in the Sarasota, FL, area. Sometimes, when trees are still salvageable, it’s better to prune or treat them with vaccines rather than remove them. If you’d like to learn more about tree injections or any of our other services, feel free to call us at 941-377-3333.