Why You Should Leave Land Clearing to The Professionals

Whether you’re clearing a plot of land to start building or simply want to remove trees and plants on your property for aesthetic reasons, it is very important to hire professionals.  It may seem like a job you can do yourself, but land clearing can pose many dangers if not done correctly.  Here at Lamb Tree Care Services, we are well-versed in all things trees, and are here to help!
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First and foremost, your safety is at risk when attempting to clear land without proper training or equipment.  If you’re having others assist you, you are also responsible for their health and safety which could pose major problems if someone gets hurt or there is any damage to equipment or buildings.  There are specific types of equipment that are needed for land clearing that is heavy-duty and should only be operated and owned by trained professionals.  We know what we’re doing and will safely and properly remove shrubs, debris, and stubborn stumps.   Companies you can hire should also have their own insurance, meaning you won’t be held responsible if there are any injuries on the job.  

Another key factor is environmental safety.  We do our best to protect the surrounding area of the land being cleared and will dispose of debris properly.  Professionals can also recycle and reuse good wood!  We can also ensure that wildlife is safely removed and protected during the process, as well as the soil and other features such as lakes or streams. 

If there are buildings or establishments near the land, we work to ensure that no damage is done.  Underground pipes and utility lines must be protected while digging, and we have the equipment to locate them before we break ground.  

Finally, allowing a team of pros to come in ensures that the job will be done quickly and efficiently.  We are trained specifically to formulate a plan of action to ensure we waste no time clearing even the largest plot of land.  

Lamb Tree Care Services is here to help with all your land-clearing needs.  We have been offering professional tree services including tree injection, tree trimming, and tree removal for over 25 years!  To schedule an appointment, give us a call at (941) 377-3333.  Our offices are conveniently located at 4411 Bee Ridge Road, Suite 150 in Sarasota, Florida so that we can offer top-quality services to all of Sarasota, Venice, and Bradenton!