Why Do Your Palm Tree Leaves Turn Yellow?

Few trees can bring a tropical, island atmosphere to your property the way that a beautiful palm tree can. And in Florida, the climate is absolutely perfect for it. However, if you are like many other people who have one or more of these in your yard, you may have problems with the leaves turning yellow.

What causes this and how can you prevent it, you might ask? Well, that’s where the experts at Lamb Tree Care Service come in. Here is some basic info about what turns those leaves yellow and how to diagnose the problem:

Why Causes Palm Trees Leaves to Turn Yellow?

As palm trees age, some of the older fronds will become yellow and die off. Typically, they are at the base of the tree and fall off quickly. As long as the big part of the palm tree remains green and vibrant there is nothing to be concerned about.

However, if the yellow leaves last longer, it is something that needs to be addressed right away. In some cases, palm tree leaves turn yellow when they aren’t getting enough nutrients such as magnesium or nitrogen from the soil.

Another possible cause is that a fungus or pest may be responsible for causing the discoloration you’re your leaves. Here are a few tips to help:

  • Perform a soil test
  • Use a slow-release fertilizer to fill in missing nutrients
  • Practice route trimming
  • Follow a regular fertilization schedule
  • Check for signs of pests or fungi
  • Get in touch with an expert to help you decide your next steps

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