Why Do Trees Need to be Trimmed?

That beautiful live oak tree that has been standing in your yard for decades may be showing its age. Perhaps you’ve noticed heavy, drooping branches, or you think the tree is getting too big for your yard. If you are worried about trees on your property, it may be time to have them trimmed. Trimming trees actually benefits them in the long run. Here’s more information about why trees need to be trimmed.

Why Should I Trim My Trees?

Sarasota Tree Trimming

First, you should know that when you trim your trees, you are helping them stay healthy and strong. When you trim your trees, you are cutting off branches that are diseased, dead or dying. This trimming retargets needed nutrients to the areas of your tree that need nutrition to stay healthy and strong.

When you trim your trees, you are also improving the overall look of your tree. No one wants to look at a tree with uneven, misshapen branches. Trees should have clean, beautiful lines. In fact, you’re going to want that for the overall aesthetic of your yard. Trimming gives your tree back its shape and structure, which helps to keep the tree strong.

Another important reason you need to keep your trees trimmed is for safety. Diseased or dying trees can be hazardous to your property or your neighbor’s property during a storm, high winds or lightning. If you ask around, someone has a story about their neighbor’s tree falling on their sun porch, roof, or automobile. No one wants to deal with an insurance company if they don’t have to.

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