When is It Time to Call the Professionals for Tree Service?

Trees are tremendous assets to our home yard environments. They add beauty, function, and value to the property, but they also require proper maintenance and care in order to thrive.

Tree Service in Sarasota

Tree care is not easy. Not only does it require dependable and modern tools and machinery, it also needs to be conducted by trained professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced with trees. Professional tree trimmers are important to have on hand, especially in Florida where storms often cause trees to fall and limbs to break. While some basic upkeep of your trees can be done by yourself or home gardener, bigger jobs call for a professional tree service. Here is how you will know when it is time to call in a professional tree service like Lamb Tree Care Services.

Branch is high

If you have a broken branch high in a tree, then it is not safe for you to climb up and trim it yourself. Instead call Lamb Tree Care Services to assist. We have professional climbers on staff who are able to safely trim your tree.

Branch is large

If there is a broken branch that is large and heavy, then it can pose a serious threat to people, animals, and property. If you have a large broken branch, then it is necessary to call up a professional tree service. Lamb Tree Care Services has the latest machinery and equipment to get the job done quickly and even more importantly, safely.

Branch is near obstacles

If you have a broken branch that is too close to an obstacle, like a powerline or building, then it is extremely important you call a professional tree care service. Lamb Tree Care Service’s trained workers wear protective gear and take the utmost precautions when dealing with potentially risky situations.

Lamb Tree Care Service has 25 years of experience involving tree care. We serve all of Sarasota, Venice, and Bradenton, are open 7am-7pm Monday through Friday, and are available 24/7 for emergencies, like storm cleanup tree removal. Lamb Tree Care Service is fully licensed and insured, and safety is always our top priority, so you can trust we will get the job done professionally and safely.

If you are in need of professional tree care service, then contact Lamb Tree Care Service today. We can be reached by phone at 941-377-3333 or by email at info@lambtreecare.com.