What Trees Can Damage Your Home’s Foundation?

One of the most important reasons to manage your trees and landscaping is to prevent damage to your home. Most of us are familiar with the frightening prospects of having a large oak tree hit the roof, but did you know trees can cause surface problems as well? Yes, and it can cost thousands of dollars in repairs.
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It turns out that foundational cracks and other damages can result from invasive tree roots. Therefore, it helps to know which trees do it the most and who to ask for help (Lamb Tree Care Service) if you run into a problem.

What Kind of Damages?

Many tree species have vast underground root systems that go several feet in each direction. It’s one of nature’s complex marvels, but they can get into places they don’t belong. It’s possible for tree roots to sneak into cracks and crevices (even tiny ones) under your home and destabilize the foundation.


This could manifest as leaks, wall instability, horizontal and diagonal cracks, and so forth. If this goes on for a long time, you’ll have to call a foundation repair company to fix things, which isn’t cheap. Tree roots can also interfere with your pipes and plumbing, particularly in the spring when they’re growing faster and after more water.

Which Trees Cause These Problems?

These are some trees that have large root systems, which could cause foundational problems for your home in Sarasota.

  • Ash Trees
      • Ash trees get about 30 feet high, and their roots stretch just as far. They’re a problem for pipes or any underground water fixtures since they pursue water quickly.
  • Maple Trees
      • There are many types of Maple, but some are a bigger problem than others. Silver and Norway Maples are vast, might cause tripping hazards, and are known to cause home damage.
  • Oak Trees
      • It probably won’t surprise you to see this species on the list. We don’t recommend keeping one of these near your house if you can avoid it. They’re very large, which is dangerous if they fall, their roots grow fast, and they cause a disproportionate amount of home damage compared to other species.
  • Poplar Trees
    • Poplar trees are another pipe invader, especially the White Poplar. Their roots are shallow, grow fast, and move aggressively underground.

There are, of course, other trees you can plant near your home with little risk of structural damage. Japanese Maple, for example, doesn’t pose much of a threat. When in doubt, ask a professional arborist or get in touch with us. We’re more than happy to offer pointers on where and how to plant trees.

Lamb Tree Care Service can help you with these problems and more when you contact us for tree removal, stump grinding, land clearing, tree planting, or tree injections. We cover it all for the folks in Sarasota, Florida. You can ask us questions about invasive roots, tree trimming, or anything else by calling 941-377-3333.