What Happens after a Tree is Removed?

Keeping your lawn looking pristine sometimes involves making tough decisions regarding the trees on your property.  Sick, damaged, or poorly placed trees often need to be removed.  Many people opt to leave stumps to save money, but it can lead to several dangerous situations.  Lamb Tree Care is here to help you understand exactly what happens when you cut down a tree and how to care for the stumps left behind.
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After a tree is cut down, the trunk can be repurposed into many different things like mulch or logs.  Roots however remain underground.  Once the trunk, branches, and leaves are gone, the tree no longer can create food for the roots.  There may however still be enough nutrients for sprouts to grow.  Sprouts can eventually turn into trees, and even if you cut them down, they will likely grow back.  Once the trunk is gone, you’ll have to decide whether to remove the stump or not.  

Stumps can ruin the image you’ve worked hard to maintain in your yard.  Many people don’t enjoy the sight of tree stumps, and they could be placed in unsightly areas that prevent you from decorating or landscaping the way you want to. 

Tree stumps can also pose a hazard.  Because they’re sticking out of the ground, they can cause people to trip over them.  They also make mowing your lawn more difficult as you have to maneuver around stumps and roots.  If they’re near your driveway, it’s possible you or your guests could hit them and damage vehicles!

Finally, leaving a stump behind can encourage critters and insects to make a home in your yard.  Rotting stumps are ideal hosts for many pests that could be poisonous or harmful to your home.  Bugs like termites, ants, and beetles are common stump dwellers.  Not only could they make their way into your house and cause damage, but they can also eat away at plants, flowers, and gardens you work hard to maintain.

Lamb Tree Care is here to assist with the removal of your trees as well as leftover stumps.  We are licensed and insured with 25 years of experience serving Sarasota, Venice, and Bradenton, Florida.  We offer a multitude of services including tree trimming, tree removal, tree injections, and emergency services after storms or other damage done to your property.  Give us a call at (941) 377-3333 if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment!  Our offices are conveniently located at 4411 Bee Ridge Road, Suite 150 in Sarasota, Florida.