What are Tree Injections?

When it comes to home and garden maintenance one thing that may go overlooked is the beautiful tree right out front or in your backyard.

Sarasota tree injection

Many might be surprised to find out that you can actually give your tree injections to make sure it gets the proper care.

Let’s learn more about what these injections do and how they can benefit your trees!

What Does a Tree Injection Do?

Think about your last visit to your doctor, did you receive any shots? Tree injections are shots for your trees to benefit its health just like shots benefit ours. Injections also help treat diseases just like our vaccines.

They also help fight against insects such as spider mites by giving your tree the proper medicine like substance it needs. You may want to consider tree injections instead of spray treatments since injections have been shown to work faster and be more effective.

Why Do Trees Need Injections?

Now that we know how they work, let’s look at some other reasons why trees need injections.

If you’re a maple tree owner, tree injections are definitely a beneficial option for you to consider. You may not have known that Maple trees actually have a nutrient deficiency called iron chlorosis.

Since they can’t absorb all the necessary nutrients from the soil you may notice your tree’s leaves yellowing and rarely getting to that beautiful green color. Tree injections will help make sure your tree is getting the proper nutrients as quickly as possible and help restore its color.

Get Rid of Pesty Insects

If you’re having trouble with insect infestation, tree injections can help solve those issues. The great part about injections is that the treatment goes directly into the tree so you don’t have to worry about chemicals or pesticides making its way into the air or soil.

If you decide to go with another option such as spraying, it may take three or four treatments to achieve results. Injections are a one and done treatment and can also take place in any kind of weather such as rainy or windy days where spray treatments would need to be done during calm weather.

Treet Injections in Sarasota

Let’s give your trees the love and care that they need to stay beautiful and strong!

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