Ways a Tree Can Damage Your Home

When you think about trees, you know that trees are great for your home. They can help keep your house cooler, they can provide an incredible amount of shade, and they are great for sitting under. However, trees can also be hazard. Here are some ways that trees can be a huge problem for your house.

Why Can Trees Be Dangerous?

Tree on Home in Sarasota

First, let’s talk about tree roots. All trees have roots in order to get nutrients into their system. While ordinarily, tree roots aren’t bad, they can pose a big problem in two areas of your home. A tree growing close to your house can damage the foundation, creating cracks. Tree roots can also tear holes in your plumbing. It may not seem like it, but tree roots are incredibly strong.

Another problem trees can cause for your home is when they die. A dead tree in your yard is a big problem. Dead trees are one of the most common causes of roof damage, vehicle damage, and damages to garages or carports. When a tree has died, it needs to be removed immediately, because if it doesn’t, it will eventually fall–during the next ice storm, heavy snowfall, high wind, even heavy rain. While we don’t get ice or snow in south Florida, we do get plenty of wind and rain!

Finally, trees can have pests that can target your house as well. One of the biggest problems for trees that can also cause trouble in your house is termites, which can cause thousands of dollars in damage before you even know they’re there.

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