Hurricane Season is Here. Are Your Trees Prepared?

Hurricane season is back again and with it comes a lot of preparation. We all know to stock up on water, snacks, and flashlights but what many homeowners don’t take care of annually is a huge danger. The trees around your home can cause considerable damage to your home, vehicles, and belongings. Lamb Tree Care is here to help you make sure your trees have been properly prepared and trimmed for storm season.

Tree Service in Sarasota
First things first, check out your property to inspect if any of your trees could be a potential problem. Make sure to trim any branches that are long enough to touch or hang over your home. Remove any dead branches as well as overlapping branches that rub together. Pruning your trees before hurricane season will help you shape them in a way that is safer by taking off the majority of the exterior branches while preserving the interior. This will help the tree to grow uniformly. You don’t want to top your tree which means removing the canopy of the tree. Doing so only allows for new growth at the end of the branches and that makes them dangerous and heavy.

Before storms begin, check your gutters for anything that could prevent water from flowing smoothly. This could be branches, leaves, even birds’ nests. Empty your storm drains as well to prevent flooding.

If you don’t feel comfortable tackling your trees yourself, contacting a professional is always a good idea. That’s where Lamb Tree Care Service come in! We offer top-quality services to all of Sarasota, Venice, and Bradenton, Florida. We can trim trees, remove any that are dead, clear land, grind stumps, and more. We even offer emergency services if a tree does happen to fall and will prevent further damage to your home or business. Give us a call today at 941-377-3333 for a consultation and any of your tree needs!