Tree Trimming vs Pruning

A lot goes into tree care. If you have trees on your property and you want to tend to them, you may be considering trimming and pruning. These two things are not the same though. Learn the difference between tree trimming and pruning by reading on.
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Plants are stunning, but they can overgrow if not cared for. If the trees on your property are becoming unruly, you may want to trim them. Trimming is the process of removing excess growth from a plant. Trimming is beneficial because it helps plants look more uniform and neat. You may also want to trim a tree if the branches are growing too close to your home. You don’t want branches that are brushing up against your roof, as this can cause premature wear and tear. Additionally, overgrown branches that hang over your house can lead to increased leaves and debris collecting in your gutters. Trimming your trees can protect your home and decrease the amount of yard work you have to do.

Trimming is purely for aesthetic purposes, but pruning is for your plant’s health. Pruning is the process of removing diseased or damaged parts of a plant. You would prune a tree in order to keep it healthy and stop the damage from spreading. Pruning also helps train a tree to grow a certain way, promotes quality fruit production (if the tree grows fruit), and improves safety. Damaged and dead branches are weak and can easily fall, which can damage property or cause injury. You should consider pruning if you notice a tree in your yard has a branch that is not growing foliage. This is typically a sign that the branch has died.

Both trimming and pruning are beneficial to your yard. Trimming can help your yard look more pleasing to the eye, while pruning can protect the plants in your yard. If you want to trim and/or prune a tree, consider leaving this job up to the professionals. If you are inexperienced when it comes to trimming and pruning, you can make mistakes that actually do more harm than good.

At Lamb Tree Care Service, we are trained to trim and prune trees with incredible skill and professionalism. We have the proper knowledge and tools to handle these jobs with ease, so reach out to us today! We can help your yard look beautiful and help your plants thrive. You can schedule an appointment with Lamb Tree Care by calling 941-377-3333.