Tree Trimming & Pruning in the Winter

Nature can be a marvelous entity to study. All around us are examples of beauty and natural growth that can’t be replicated with anything man-made. And as much as nature is to be admired and respected, just because something can grow on its own doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come without a level of maintenance.

In forests and places where it doesn’t quite matter how a tree grows, tree care isn’t that big of a deal. But in regular society, it’s important to keep on top of tree trimming and pruning. We’ll explain.

Tree trimming service during the winter

Reasons for Pruning

Before we get into it, just what is tree pruning anyway? Well just like humans get haircuts, pruning is a way to keep trees not only looking their best but keep them from growing erratically or to the point of hazard.

Pruning is a daily part of keeping trees safe, especially birch trees. When we prune our trees we’re not only reducing hazards but we’re also helping the tree to grow, improving the health of that tree, and making our property look a whole lot better as well.

A little-known fact about pruning is that it can also lead to better fruit and vegetable growth on your property.

Prune to Increase Overall Health of the Plant

So what’s the best way to prune? The first thing that you want to do is get rid of the dead or dying branches of the tree. This can be caused by disease, insects taking over, rogue animals, bad weather, or more.

Branches that rub together can also pose a problem over time because it’ll cause them to grow poorly, possibly leading them to break off. That’s why you always want to remove branches that rub together while also getting rid of the branch stubs.

The Best Season to Prune

Now that you’re caught up on the reasons why you should prune and some ways on how to prune properly, it’s time that you understand when the best time to prune is and that’s late winter. This is because it’s easier to avoid certain diseases in the tree.

For example, Oak Wilt disease is common during November and March and should be avoided as a pruning time. Another example is apple trees. You’d want to prune those between February and late April.

In general, the best time to trim or prune your trees is during the winter months of November through March, being that many trees are in the dormant state during those times.

Other Pruning Times

  • Prune after blooming
  • Trees and shrubs should be pruned immediately after they finish blooming
  • Prune before any new growth

Professional Tree Trimming Services by Lamb Tree Care

Is that tree by your house starting to look a little dangerous? Are you worried that eventually, you’re going to suffer from severe property damage? Then it’s time to stop waiting and finally call the professionals.

Lamb Tree Care has been using its expertise in tree cutting for years and wants to make sure you get the care that you need. Give us a call at 941-377-3333 for estimates about any of our tree services today!