Tree Trimming Mistakes

Trees can enhance the appearance of your yard and add privacy to your property. However, trees can also easily overgrow, which can become unsightly and cause damage to your home. If you’re thinking about trimming your trees, here are some common mistakes to avoid.
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Trimming your trees can be dangerous, especially if you ignore the proper safety measures. The process of trimming a tree exposes an individual to pine needles, insects, wood particles, and dust. If this debris gets into your eyes, you can have discomfort or even vision loss. It is key to wear eye protection when trimming a tree. Additionally, you should have the proper equipment to get the job done. Using equipment that is not ideal for tree trimming can result in injury or damage to your property or tree.

Trimming a tree is not just about trimming down random branches. When trimming a tree, you should be aware of which branches need to be trimmed. You need to be able to think ahead and know how your tree will grow. If you trim the wrong branches, your tree may not grow in a way that is attractive. Additionally, you should know which branches are dead or dying so you can remove them from your tree to avoid further damage and decay.

Trimming should be performed at the most appropriate time for your tree. The weather and climate plays a role in the tree-growth process, so take these things into consideration. If you trim a tree when the weather is too hot, the lack of water your tree receives during this time can lead to sunscalding wounds and drying out.

There is such a thing as trimming too much. If you are not professionally trained when it comes to trimming trees, you may make the mistake of cutting off too much of your tree. No more than 25% of a tree branch should be removed at a time. This is because cutting off more than that can increase infestation risk. Your tree will not be able to produce enough food, transfer enough nutrients, or support itself structurally if it is over-trimmed. 

Instead of attempting to trim your tree on your own, get in touch with the professionals. At Lamb Tree Care, we have over 25 years of experience with tree trimming and care. You can schedule your appointment with us by calling 941-377-3333 today!