Tree Removal

tree removal services

All trees will eventually reach the end of their useful life, and if left standing can become an eyesore or even worse a hazard to your home and family. When it is time to remove a tree, you need an experienced company like Lamb Tree Care Service. Trees should not be removed by untrained personnel because they can injure people or cause property damage if done incorrectly.

Crane-Assisted Removal

There are times when a tree must be removed using a crane. This is critical when part of the tree overhangs your home or a neighboring home. Also, trees that overhang adjacent properties must be removed carefully because you are liable for any damage to your neighbors’ property. Crane-assisted tree removal requires a professional crew who have the experience to properly rig branches so they are removed safely. There are many videos on social media of damage resulting from trees removed by inexperienced people — don’t be one of them!

Lamb Tree Care Service has the expertise and professional training to perform tree removal of any size and complexity. We have certified arborists who can determine if your tree should be removed, or if it can be saved with our arborist care program. We can handle all your tree care issues in Sarasota, Manatee, Hillsborough, and Pinellas Counties in Florida. Before you contact anyone else for your next tree removal or replacement, contact Lamb Tree Care Service at 941-377-3333.

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