Tree Disease Treatments

Tree Disease Treatments

Healthy trees offer you an attractive curb appeal to your home, shade from the hot sun, and a positive aesthetic feeling. However, diseases can quickly kill your trees resulting in costly removal and replanting. Tree injection services from Lamb Tree Care Service can make your trees healthier and resistant to insects and disease.

Why are tree injections helpful?

Tree injections supply either nutrients or chemicals to fight insects and diseases directly into the tree’s vascular system which supplies water and nutrients throughout the tree. This is a far more effective way to supply needed chemicals than sprinkling them or spraying them around the base of the tree.Tree injections can be more cost-effective than spraying, particularly if you have a lot of trees needing treatment. Ground treatments use more chemicals than are needed for the trees which are wasteful and add cost.There is also an environmental benefit to direct injections. Runoff of tree chemicals can affect the environment away from the tree such as excessive nutrients in canals and lakes resulting in algae blooms and fish kills. Injections go directly to the tree and won’t be washed away with the rain.Tree injections are most useful for treating diseases or feeding trees that are nutritionally deficient. Injections do create a wound to the tree and therefore should not be the only method for tree management. Lamb Tree Care Service will suggest tree injections as needed to treat individuals or groups of trees. Contact us today at 941-377-3333 and let us discuss a tree management system for you to keep your trees healthy for years to come.

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