The Best Time To Trim Trees In Florida

When it comes to taking care of trees, timing is everything. Even something like when and how to prune a fig tree is a centuries-old consideration. As any Floridian knows, tree trimming is a little different in sub-tropical climates than in other parts of the country.

Let’s look at the best practices for maintaining and beautifying your trees here in sunny Florida.

Arborist trimming a tree

Why Tree Trimming?

We offer an important tree trimming service because we know how much damage a fallen branch can do to your home. All it takes is one loose limb coupled with some hurricane-force winds to cause expensive damage to your roof or windows.

Also, taking care of trees can make them more aesthetically appealing, improve the life of the tree by getting rid of decadent branches, and prevent branches from going too far onto other properties or over the road.

Lamb Tree Care recommends winter pruning for trees, which is the conventional wisdom on arboreal maintenance.

Winter Pruning?

During the fall, you want to get ready for the winter. Yes, we all know winter is not bitter cold in Florida, but the general rule of pruning is to do so at the end of winter or early spring at the latest. Even in tropical climates, this remains true.

Pruning in the winter has several advantages:

  • If it’s colder, pruning is less likely to spread the various diseases that come from bacteria, fungi, insects, and parasites. Those organisms always do better when it’s warm and trees are like humans: open sores can lead to infection, which is made worse in hot or humid environments.
  • Cutting in the winter means that you are generally not cutting into or against new growth–This is radically different in the Spring obviously. If you cut when the tree is dormant, you provide the tree with significantly more time to heal and adjust from the pruning.
  • There are more advantages for northerners who experience ice and freezing problems with their trees, but even just these reasons are enough to consider moving your pruning operations to the cold(ish) time of year in Florida.

Get Tree Trimming in Sarasota

Lamb Tree Care in Sarasota has 25 years of experience dealing with all matters of landscaping and tree care. This includes everything from stump grinding, tree trimming, injections, handling roots, and so much more. If you want to schedule an appointment with us, call us at 941-377-3333.