Taking Proper Care of Your Trees in the Extreme Florida Heat

If you live in Florida, then there’s no sense in explaining the intense heat that occurs from time to time. And now that the month of August is upon us, it’s more than safe to assume that the summer sun will still hold a firm grasp on us for the rest of this month and well into September. And, if you have plant life on your property, it’s important that you take some crucial steps to ensure their longevity. As trees are living beings, they suffer the effects of heat like the rest of us. Today, we’ll be going over some essential care tips to protect them when the temperature begins to rise. 

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Trees need water to thrive. Depending on how humid the temperature gets, trees need a consistent supply of water between the months of April and October. During the summer, it’s a good idea to give them a little extra water, depending on their age. New Trees under three years old should be given double the amount of water, especially if they appear to be stressed and begin shedding leaves prematurely. Trees that are more established can be watered once a month unless they seem stressed or withering. 


Mulch and fertilizer are both integral to providing for your tree’s health. These materials keep the soil healthy and allow the tree to absorb nutrients and water, both of which are necessary for the tree to sustain itself and lead a healthy life. If you choose to apply mulch, we recommend ground leaves and wood chips; this will help simulate a forest floor and allow the tree to thrive. 


Just like you trim your toe and fingernails, trees need to have their branches periodically pruned. During the summer, it’s recommended that if you need to prune them, you do it in July and August. If you’re unsure if they need to be pruned, or you’re curious about how healthy the plant life on your property is, consider having an arborist come and inspect them. 

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The plant life in Flordia is one of the many reasons why living in this state is so wonderful. If you’re looking to take better care of the trees on your property, need some important services performed, or are just curious about what the experts at Lamb Tree Care can do for you, visit our website at lambtreecare.com