Taking Care of Trees in Florida

Anyone who lives in Florida is well-acquainted with its natural beauty. It’s found in our wildlife, our beaches, and the various trees which can be found from Miami to the panhandle. According to a recent study, Florida is home to an astounding 4,700 species of plant life. The tropical climate allows several species to grow freely and blossom under the warm Florida sun. And because many of these species are exclusive to Florida, taking care of them requires specific methods. Both of these will be explored in this article. 
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Popular Trees in Florida 

When one explores the region of their state known as the panhandle, they’ll more than likely come into contact with a live oak. With large branches and a trunk that’s sometimes up to four feet in diameter, a live oak will last for several generations if properly taken care of. While oak is of a considerable size, the yellow or slash pine can grow upwards of 75 to 100 feet. While not as tall, the turkey oak typically grows to 40 feet in height. All of these are essential to the state’s wildlife being able to sustain themselves and provide shade and air quality. 

Utilizing Proper Tree Care 

There are a multitude of actions that need to be taken if you want to ensure the longevity of your trees. The three basic steps consist of trimming, pruning, and pest control. Similar to a haircut or nail trimming routine, pruning and trimming allow the dead branches to be cleared away and space made for the blooming process that happens after the winter months are over. If you have a tree that’s adjacent to your property, then pest control is a must to prevent infestations from rodents & bugs.

And because Florida is known for its heat, trees sometimes have difficulty getting water, particularly if there’s a drought or considerable lack of rainfall. Watering and fertilizing the soil is important to a tree lasting a long time. It’s also advisable to get the soil looked at before you plant any plant life, as some might not take to it well. 

Lamb Tree Care Service 

Florida and trees are one of the best and most well-known combinations that make living here truly wonderful. If you’re a plant life aficionado and could use some TLC for your trees and shrubs, trust the experts at Lamb Tree Care Service to provide exceptional service of the highest quality. You can find out more about us by visiting our website at lambtreecare.com.