Taking Care of Recently Planted Trees

If you’re planning on making some long-overdue upgrades to the homestead in 2023, planting some trees on your property can be an excellent way to start. The presence of trees not only adds to the style and aesthetic of your home, but they also improve curb appeal and can increase property value. And, like all living things, they need proper care to maintain their longevity and health. If you’ve recently planted some, these tips will help you care for them. 
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Plenty of Water, Plenty of Life 

Just like it’s recommended that an active adult drinks eight glasses of water daily, trees need H2O to survive and flourish, especially if they’ve just been planted. Young trees should be watered on average every two to three days and anywhere from ten to fifteen gallons a week. It’s also important to water the root ball when they’re first planted to help with sustainment and growth. 

Avoid Watering the Trunk and Leaves 

Watering a tree you’ve just planted is very important. However, it’s important that you only water the root ball and avoid the trunk and leaves of the tree. While it might not seem like it, watering them during the formative stages of growth can have an adverse reaction. 

Check the Soil 

Before planting a tree and after, it’s very important to check the integrity of the soil. If you’re unsure if the soil on your property is suitable for planting, consult an expert to evaluate it. Checking the soil at least once a week is an excellent way to tell if your tree is safe or not.  If the soil around the tree is moist, this means it’s getting the necessary hydration. If it’s too dry, you should definitely water it more. 

Summertime Care 

The tropical heat affecting Florida during the summer months has been well documented. And, just like the need to hydrate when the sun sits high in the sky, there are essential measures for tree care as well. The first thing to do is to double the amount of water it receives once the weather rises above 90. You should also scale back on the pruning as this can have an adverse effect on your tree’s health. 

Lamb Tree Care Service 

The trees in Florida are essential for providing shade and keeping the air quality consistent. At Lamb Tree Care, we strive to provide our customers with the very best in arbor-related services. For more information about us and what we provide, visit us at lambtreecare.com.