Storm Preparation for Trees

The tropical storm season is upon us, but it’s not too late to safeguard your home from fallen-tree hazards. You don’t need us to tell you how frightening it is to have an old tree succumb to wind gusts and crash onto your house. It’s a terrible scenario, but a preventable one if you prepare for storm problems beforehand.
tree service near north portStorm Preparation for Trees

These are some suggestions and guidelines for preparing your Sarasota home for tree damage.

      • This is a great place to start when making sure your home and lawn are ready for gale-force winds. Mind you, this isn’t a great DIY project if we’re talking about pruning or trimming large pine or oak trees. If the branches are a greater diameter than your arm, you should probably leave them to the pros at Lamb Tree Care. The risk of them falling in the wrong direction and hurting someone is not worth it.
      • Don’t forget that pruning and trimming are two different tasks. Depending on the tree, it’s advantageous to prune when it’s cooler and less humid. It allows you to avoid exposing the cut parts to infection and bugs. Hence preparing for storm problems during the off-season.
      • Alas, there are times when a tree becomes completely unsalvageable and your only option is to remove it. This is a potentially difficult and dangerous task, so we use large equipment and trained staff to get the job done. 
      • Also, although it’s not an emergency storm service, per se, you’ll eventually want to get rid of the stump, too. Lamb Tree Care handles stump grinding for all tree species, even the huge ones that are hard to extract from the soil.
  • Land Clearing & Other Measures
    • There are other ways to optimize your Sarasota property for storm season. Land and lot clearing may help you address any potential for future airborne projectiles. Shrubs and bushes are not as dangerous as large oak trees, but they can become a nuisance in various ways in the event of a storm. 

Of course, if you think you have moderately decadent trees on your property, you may be able to save them if you act far enough in advance. Sometimes, you can avert problems by treating sick trees with tree injections to ward off termites and opportunistic organisms that destroy trees.

Failing that, you may want to call us to look over your property and assess the various hazards. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry during storm season.

Lamb Tree Care offers several ways to manage and beautify your home landscape. It’s not all about chopping down and hauling away dead trees, either. We even assist with planting and maintaining them as well. If you want to learn more about our services, feel free to call us at any time at 941-377-3333.