Signs your Tree Might Need to be Removed Immediately

Nobody enjoys going through the hassle of extracting a large or small tree from their yard, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. In Florida, we experience frequent hurricanes, making those vulnerable trees a serious hazard to your property.

Then, there are other aesthetic considerations. You won’t want to leave a dead and decaying tree around, and risk losing curb appeal. Therefore, it helps to watch out for some of these common signs it’s time for tree removal.

Signs Your Tree Needs to Be Removed

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  1. You have to pick up lots of fallen branches. While it’s normal for a tree to drop some branches (any time of year), it’s a red flag when they accumulate all over the place. This is a common side effect for trees suffering from diseases or insect infiltration.
  2. It doesn’t grow leaves anymore. There are many reasons this might occur: disease, lightning strike, termites, old age, etc. So, check around your yard. If you notice everything else is blooming, save for one tree, then that one may be dead or dying.
  3. It just went through serious storm damage. Even healthy trees might succumb prematurely with sustained wind intensity.
  4. Your neighbors are fussing about it. They may have a problem with it dipping too close to their roofs, or it might be disfigured, and requires pruning, trimming, or removal.
  5. The tree is encroaching upon your house. Likewise, trees can also become a problem when they impede power lines or lean into other yards. Don’t forget, however, that if it’s only a minor issue, we may be able to address it with tree trimming rather than full removal.
  6. It has visible rot. If the tree has lots of scabs or loose bark, then you know there’s trouble. Beware, however, because it may have fresh growth in the trunk hollows or around the roots (which can deceive). That’s not always a sign of healthy new life, but an indicator that something is wrong, and the tree is trying to adapt.

Those are some of the telltale signs that one of your trees has reached the end of its lifespan. What are your options if you need to remove a tree soon?

Call the professionals at Lamb Tree Care Service for expedient service in Sarasota, Florida. Our team can examine the tree, determine whether it’s salvageable or needs to go, and offer solutions. Contact us anytime for a consultation or to schedule service by calling 941-377-3333.