Shielding Your Trees from a Winter of Discontent

There’s a lot to worry about when winter decides to settle in. You can already tell that your heating bill might be a bit high, the roads will become harder to navigate, and most of all, you’ll have to bundle up just to go grab some milk at the store. With so much to think about, the capability of your plant life making it through the season unscathed might be the last thing on your mind. The unpredictable temperatures can wreak havoc on plant life. As old man winter starts planning his visit, it’s time to build a strong defense.

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Mulch Ado About Nothing

Mulch works the same way as the electric blanket that you’ve been storing in your closet. It’s a solid layer of protection that helps keep essential moisture embedded in the soil—especially when the weather decides to change drastically. Applying a few inches after the first hard freeze will allow your trees to insulate themselves against the frost.

On with the Turkey and Off with The Eggs

Much like the presents, you’ll be exchanging with your nearest and dearest, wrapping up trees is a great way to protect them during the cold winter months. Younger trees have roots that might be still developing, so it’s also a good idea to stake them to the ground to keep them in place. There is no set day for when the cold might go into overdrive. A good way to schedule your wrapping and staking is to apply these measures after Thanksgiving, and remove them after or around Easter.

Helping Evergreens Staying Green

Snow and wind aren’t just two aspects of winter that make our commute an icy ordeal, they’re also two enemies of your tree and its ability to stay green. If you notice branches that are beginning to bend after a snowfall, it’s advisable to carefully remove the snow from the branches. It’s not advisable to do the same with any ice or frost that develops, doing so can cause damage. Installing a windbreak or completely wrapping an evergreen can help protect them from the winter wind.

Water Until the Freeze Comes Home

Maintaining the structural integrity of a trees’ roots is important if they’re going to last through winter. A good practice is to keep your watering routine the same and cease once the ground begins to freeze. A tree is most vulnerable when its root section becomes dry. A well-hydrated area can make even the most sensitive trees withstand the harsh elements and survive.

If you’re still unsure about securing your trees this winter or need to consult an expert’s opinion, the folks at Lamb Tree Care are here to help. We have over two decades of experience and offer everything from removal to injections and even storm clean-up when old man winter is at his worst. For more information on any of our tree care services please call 941-377-3333 and let us help you get through winter all year long.