Reasons to Have a Professional Trim Your Trees

Home and business owners may think that trees can take care of themselves as they do in the wild. Although a tree can live a reasonable life without care, its health and lifespan can be improved by regular trimming and care. Lamb Tree Care Service recommends you have your trees trimmed regularly for the following reasons.

Palm Tree Trimming in Sarasota

Stop insect damage — Termites and boring insects look for damaged parts of the tree for their infestations. You might not recognize the signs until it is too late and the damage is done. Lamb Tree Care Service will inspect your trees carefully as we trim them and can often treat insects before they become a bigger issue.

Save money — Trimming and regular inspection of your trees costs much less than having a dead tree cut down and removed. Also, a damaged tree can fall on your home or automobiles, resulting in thousands of dollars damage.

Reduce future damage — Hurricanes or strong winds from storms can knock down a weakened tree. Trimming keeps the tree healthy and removes branches more likely to be broken during storms.

A better-looking property — Trees that are not trimmed can grow unevenly, crooked, or with excessive branches that fully block out the light and kill your yard. Careful trimming keeps the trees healthy, growing correctly, and offering great curb appeal to your home.

Safety — For the safety of your family, friends, and neighbors, trees should be trimmed to remove weak branches that could fall without warning. There is no reason to take chances with your family’s safety when professional trimming is cost-effective and safer than doing it yourself.

Lamb Tree Care Service recommends at least an annual trimming of the trees on your property. We would be happy to discuss a regular tree trimming program with you. Please call us at 941-377-3333 for more information.