Protect Your Home with Residential Tree Removal Services

Trees are beautiful and provide cooling shade from hot Florida weather, but they can become a liability and dangerous if they are not in good condition. Falling trees can damage your home or vehicles. More importantly, they can injure or kill people even if a storm is not present. If you have mature trees on your property, let Lamb Tree Care Service inspect them and recommend if any should be removed to prevent injuries or property damage.

Tree Removal Services near Venice

When trees are weakened by storms or are diseased, they can exhibit symptoms which can be a clue that attention is needed:

  • Dying leaves
  • Splitting bark
  • Limbs that are cracking or falling off the tree
  • Mold or fungus growing on the tree
  • Evidence that insects have infested the tree

If you see any of these symptoms, let the arborists at Lamb Tree Care Service inspect the tree. Some trees may be saved by selective pruning and feeding, but we can recommend if the tree should be removed. Never try to remove a tree yourself — a tree can quickly kill you or cause a lot of damage if not removed properly and safely.

Other problems associated with falling trees or heavy limbs include:

  • Disruption of electrical service if the tree falls on power lines
  • Damage to cars or other equipment outside
  • Damage to your home
  • Messy cleanup after storms from falling branches

If your trees have not been professionally pruned in some time, let Lamb Tree Care Service provide proper pruning. We will remove damaged or diseased branches before they kill the tree. Pruning makes the tree healthier and more resistant to disease and storms. Don’t wait for storms to cause damage from the trees on your property — call Lamb Tree Care Service today at 941-377-3333.