Protect Your Home from Falling Trees and Branches

Trees and branches could fall because of infections, ill health, old age and/or strong winds. The fall could damage your home and render irrecoverable damage. To prevent this from happening, Lamb Tree Care Service suggests these precautions to take without taking away the significance of planting trees around your homestead.

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Understand the Tree’s Growth Capability

Trees start out as tiny seeds and then grow so big; once they have grown that way, it is impossible to uproot and plant them elsewhere. So before they begin their growth journey, a crucial activity to perform is to check/research how wide or big the leaves and branches of the tree spreads when it grows to full capacity (focus should be on width and length).
With this knowledge, you can effectively decide an almost accurate distance for planting your trees without future damage to your home from the top (falling trees and branches from its canopy) or from the bottom (roots).

Health Checks

Just like humans are advised to conduct regular health checks, it is always a good thing to conduct regular checks on trees. Best to look out for signs of infections or ill health like crawling insects, irregular falling of leaves, mold, or animals masticating on the trees’ leaves or roots. These health checks should be scheduled with an arborist at least once a year typically in late spring.

Large Branches

Oftentimes, it is impossible to know the exact canopy of a tree before planting it or the tree came before your home was built and there are huge branches hanging over your roof. That happens more often than we think.
What you should do though is find out how to reduce the length of those huge branches without totally cutting them out or how to effectively support their fall in order to limit the extent of damage on your home when they do fall.

Storms Check

Before – and after – every storm, check for potential damages or existing damages caused by the windy weather. Broken branches or bent branches and rubbish on trees after a storm or heavy snow are signals of bad health. If these signs are minute, like a tiny broken branch, deal with it yourself but if they are huge signs, an arborist would be the best person to handle this.

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