Preparing Your Trees for Hurricane Season in Florida

Harsh and unpredictable weather is a major aspect of life in Florida. And with hurricane season approaching soon, there’s quite a bit to be worried about. And that’s why we’re here today. If you have trees and other plant life on your property, take the necessary steps before the next storm begins to approach. 

Securing Your Yard 

The first step to storm preparation is securing your yard. Any objects that can be easily moved should be placed inside. Items such as pots, planters, baskets, lawn furniture, and other loose items should be secured within an inside location. If you have gates and trellises, you might want to consider having them removed if possible. And debris should be looked for and picked up, and outdoor structures such as sheds should be firmly secured to the ground. 

Trim Your Trees Before the Storm Arrives 

There are certain standards and practices that exist in Florida in regard to trees on your property. If you know a tree is withering and decaying and it causes damage to your neighbor’s property, you can be held liable for any damages. Before the start of storm season, it’s a good idea to have an arborist or tree trimming company visit your property and assess the potential damages. Pruning your trees and branches should always be done regularly, and when it comes time to the approach of storm season, this is an absolute must.

Proper Pruning Procedures 

Many Americans love the exhilaration that comes from undertaking a DIY project. However, there are some things that should always be left to the skilled hands of a professional. Tree trimming and pruning is a delicate procedure. It involves working with tools and machinery that can cause physical harm if you’re not properly prepared. There are a multitude of different forms of plant life in Florida, and some need less pruning than others. But, there is a solution…

Consult the Experts at Lamb Tree Care 

When it comes to the essential trimming, pruning, and preparation that coincides with storm season, Lamb Tree Care is here to lend our expertise as well as a helping hand. We have years of experience and can help you safeguard your property and plants before storm season begins. For more information on what we can do to help you, visit us at