My Tree Was Struck by Lightning. Now What?

If you have lived in Florida for long, you probably know that there are more lightning strikes in Florida than in any other state. Florida averages 20 lightning strikes every square mile, and more people are struck by lightning in Florida than anywhere else. Luckily for Floridians, trees are struck by lightning frequently. What should you do if your tree is struck by lightning? We have some tips.

Lightning Strike

When Your Tree Is Struck by Lightning

If a tree is struck by lightning on your property, you will need to take a look at the tree when it’s safe. If there are hanging or broken branches, they will need to be removed as quickly as possible. Don’t attempt to do it yourself if the branches are too high or too difficult to remove.

Once the branches are out of the way, you will need to take a good look at your tree. Sometimes, it is difficult to tell if your tree has been struck by lightning, but there are some clues. You may not be able to notice changes in the tree right away, because sometimes lightning damage only appears gradually. There may be a crack or a slit that runs down the length of the tree trunk. You might also notice strips of bark that are peeled off the tree. A tree that has been struck by lightning may have bare leaves or wilted leaves. The leaves might also look burned or singed. Depending on where the lightning struck the tree, you may also notice the trunk is burned or singed as well.

While an arborist can work a lot of miracles, it is difficult to save a tree that has been struck by lightning. Be prepared for the arborist to tell you that your tree has to be taken down, because it may damage other buildings.

When you need to have your tree cut down because it was struck by lightning, give Lamb Tree Care a call at 941-377-3333!