Lamb Tree Care Your Certified Arborist

Healthy trees serve many purposes in our local community, including providing us with the air we need to breathe and remain healthy. The best way for homeowners to make sure that their trees remain healthy is to hire an arborist.

sarasota tree service
sarasota tree service

Professionally certified arborists know how to ensure trees are maintained for the tree’s health and the safety of the community. Additionally, caring for trees and the removal of trees should be done by a professional as it can be a dangerous job if you don’t have the skills.

That’s why hiring a certified arborist from Lamb Tree Care could be in your best interest. Regardless of how difficult the outdoor task is, we can help you with all your tree care needs.

What Exactly Is An Arborist?

So what exactly is an arborist? An arborist is a specialist tree professional that has been highly trained in the science of planting and caring for trees. They are also trained in maintaining trees to ensure the trees they are tasked with maintaining stay healthy and remain safe to the community.

What Exactly Is A Certified Arborist?

Now that we are aware of what an arborist is, we can look at what a certified arborist is so that you know why our team members at Lamb Tree Care are worth hiring for your tree and plant-related needs.

A certified arborist is an expert that has been certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. Obtaining ISA certification is challenging as you have to pass thorough and demanding certification exams that test every aspect of arboriculture.

Additionally, arborists must have a minimum of three years of experience and ensure that they routinely learn the latest arboriculture techniques.

Why You Should Use A Certified Arborist

Did you know that tree care is far more complex than you might have been led to believe? The many trees you have growing on your property are often seen as an investment that can increase or decrease the value of a home.

If your trees are not correctly maintained, pruned, trimmed, or cut, they can cause future property damage. That’s why if you want to ensure no damage is done to your property and that the value of your home improves or at the very least doesn’t worsen, you need to utilize a certified arborist.

There are many more reasons you need to consider using a certified arborist from Lamb Tree Care. For example:

  • An arborist will prune, trim, or cut any tree you are not happy with on your property. Yet, they will do this in a way that is environmentally conscious so as to preserve your tree’s natural beauty and health.
  • An arborist will ensure your home is safe by removing trees that are a danger to you or a danger to visitors or people walking or traveling within close proximity to your property.

Since safety should be your first priority, let an arborist from our company take care of your tree care needs to ensure you remain safe and are happy with the service undertaken.

What Are The Tree Care Services An Arborist Provides?

Below we have listed a few of the services an arborist provides. Our company can help you with each of the below services. Additionally, we offer a range of other services, including landscape management, land clearing, and tree injections.

  • Emergency tree care: We offer a 24-hour emergency service that allows us to come out and remove any trees that have become a danger because of storms, lightning strikes, or other bad weather.
  • Tree removal: Our team will remove all trees that have died or have become infested with insects or pests. We also remove trees that pose a danger to your property or trees that you no longer want on your property.
  • Tree pruning: To help your trees grow healthier, we offer pruning services that involve us removing branches or stems.
  • Tree health: We can identify various tree diseases and pest problems and advise you on the best course of action.
  • Tree planting: Contrary to popular belief, you can’t plant a tree wherever you want to. The location needs to be assessed and the tree planted correctly to thrive without damaging your property. Our company’s certified arborists can help you decide which trees are best suited for your property and help you successfully plant them.

The Professionals At Lamb Tree Care Can Provide You With The Tree Care Services You Need!

At Lamb Tree Care, we have a team of fully certified arborists dedicated to helping each of our customers with their tree care needs. In addition to being certified, we are also licensed and insured, so you can have complete peace of mind when we assist you at your property.

For years we have handled a range of different tree care projects, which is why we have the necessary skills needed to help you no matter how small or big the job. Should you be interested in hiring an expert certified arborist near you in Sarasota, Florida, you can give us a call at 941-377-3333 to speak with an expert at Lamb Tree Care to discuss your tree care needs.