How to Tell If Your Tree is Dying

With fall upon us, some of our trees may start to change colors and drop their leaves. However, excessive dropping or dropping leaves too quickly can be a tell-tale sign that your tree is dying and needs to be looked at by a professional. Lamb Tree Care of Sarasota is here to help you spot the signs of dying trees and is here to help you handle it if you need us!

Rotting Tree

One of the major signs that are easy to spot is that it literally looks like it’s rotting. There may be a musty, damp odor coming from the tree, peeling bark, and crumbling softwood. This is extremely dangerous because a rotting tree is very weak and could fall over at any time.

If you see bugs or fungus growing on your tree, it’s time to give us a call. Of course, bugs will crawl around day to day, but if you see bugs like termites and beetles covering the trunk and leaves, they have likely invaded and are eating away at the inside of the trunk. Fungus growing on the sides of branches that look fuzzy is also dangerous. Bugs and fungi will both spread to other plants and trees which could result in them ALL needing to be removed if it is not handled quickly and correctly.

Many people try to save trees that look like they’re only dying on one side by cutting away at dead branches. If your tree is leaning or there is a significant amount of dead and dying branches on one side, it, unfortunately, cannot be saved. It is likely caused by poorly draining soil and a rotted root system. This issue can also cause your tree to fall at any time, which could cause significant damage to your property and even harm to people in your yard.

Finally, damage to the main trunk often results in a tree needing to be removed completely. The trunk is the support system of the tree, so once it’s compromised the chances of the tree falling skyrocket. Even a small storm could be enough to take it down.

If any of your trees are damaged and in need of being cut down or maintained, give Lamb Tree Care Service a call today at 941-377-3333 or fill out the contact form on this page.