How to Pick (and Plant) a Tree for Arbor Day!

National Arbor Day is typically celebrated on the last Friday in April, which in 2021 will fall on April 30. However, some areas celebrate it on different days depending on the best time to plant trees. Regardless of the day, here are some ideas on how to pick and plant the best trees for our areas of Florida.

Celebrate Arbor Day on April 30th with Lamb Tree Care

Choosing the right tree for our area can be as simple as discussing your desire for new trees with Lamb Tree Care Service in Sarasota. We can recommend the best trees to handle the temperature swings and storm seasons in Florida. If you choose to plant the tree yourself, here are some things to remember:

  • Don’t plant the tree too close to your home — it may be small now, but a towering tree later can place your home at risk from root structures and falling branches
  • Trees can provide shade to reduce your air conditioning bill but to be effective they must be placed on the east or west sides of your home.
  • You need to carefully review the placement of the tree to avoid several areas:
    • Swimming pools
    • Exterior screen porches that can be damaged by falling limbs
    • Sidewalks or driveways to prevent future root damage
    • Underground plumbing like septic or sewer lines
    • Underground utilities – always get a utility survey before you dig
    • The home itself to prevent damage to the foundation

Planting the tree correctly will make the difference between a healthy tree and a later casualty. Dig the hole too deep and the root structure is weaker. Dig it too shallow and the root ball is exposed which can kill the tree. Make the hole wider than the root ball to allow room for the roots to grow. Support the tree with stakes or wires to keep it stable while it sets. Always remove any wrapping or burlap from the root ball before planting the tree. Water it every week or so but don’t overdo the watering. Avoid fertilizing for the first year.

If all this is more than you can deal with, call Lamb Tree Care Service and talk to us about your tree needs. We can help you with tree planting and can set up an ongoing maintenance program to keep your trees healthy well into the future. For more information please call 941-377-3333.