How to Know When Your Tree is Sick

In the same way we need to care for our homes and regularly inspect them for issues, we need to care for our lawns and trees!  Sick trees can lead to a lot of dangerous issues like huge falling branches, bugs, and invasive creatures.  Some illnesses can even spread to otherwise healthy trees in your yard!  Lamb Tree Services is here to help you spot the signs of an unhealthy tree so that we can assist you with caring for it and deciding whether or not you need to remove it.

One of the telltale signs of a sick tree is that it has started to lean.  It usually means trouble even if you can’t tell the specific reason why it’s leaning.  Either interior damage or issues with the roots underground can cause a lopsided tree and if left unaddressed it can fall over with no warning and cause major damage.  Some trees do just grow crooked, but if you see cracks or swollen areas in the bark, oozing wounds in the tree trunk, or areas of sunken bark, it’s safe to assume your tree is sick.

The leaves on your trees are also great indicators of your tree’s health.    The leaves absorb sunlight and turn it into food for the tree, so if the leaves aren’t healthy, they don’t get all the nutrients they need each day.  If your leaves are wilting, there isn’t enough surface area exposed to the sunlight.  Leaves can wilt for several reasons, including heat stress, drought stress, waterlogged soil, and diseases.  Yellowing leaves, brown and dying leaves or needles, holes in leaves, and spots or blemishes on the leaves all suggest that your tree has seen better days.

You can also keep an eye on your branches to gauge your tree’s health.  If you start noticing large branches falling or breaking you’ll want to do a thorough inspection.  If your tree is old, issues with branches can indicate that it’s on the decline.  Branch dropping can also be a sign of diseases.  If your tree is branch dieback, has really sparse leaves in some areas, or has stopped fruiting or flowering, you’ll want to have it inspected.  

Whether you’ve identified the problem or just need an extra set of eyes to take a look at your trees, Lamb Tree Service is here to help!  We’ve been offering professional tree services for over 25 years.  Whether you just need routine maintenance or a full removal, we’re here for you!  Give us a call at (941) 377-3333 today for a free estimate!