Highly Effective Habits of Keeping a Tree Healthy

Trees are one of the most wonderful things about living on planet earth. They provide shade from the summer sun and allow us to enjoy the oxygen that gives us the precious gift of life. Having a tree on your property can not only have a positive impact on your very own quality of life but can also supplement your home’s property values. Like all living thighs, trees need to be cared for to sustain their lifespans. We’ve gathered some helpful tips for doing this. Enjoy!
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Plant in the Ideal Location

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is burying a tree too deep. Aside from this, finding the perfect spot to plant your tree is the most important step. Make sure it’s away from powerlines, not too close to any structures that might be damaged, and has plenty of room to grow and receive direct sunlight. 

Water Regularly

Like all living things, trees and all other forms of plant life need water to sustain themselves. It’s important to remember that trees of different ages need varying levels of water. A mature tree only needs one inch a week, whereas a growing tree needs up to four or ten gallons. 

Pruning: It’s Important

If your hair or nails get too long, you cut or trim them to sustain their health and wellbeing. Trees are very much the same way. Throughout the changing seasons, you might notice dead or decaying branches on the tree in your yard. Pruning is best done during the dormant season when the tree doesn’t have many leaves present. During the fall, it’s a good idea to take the time to clear up any debris that’s fallen. 

Checkups Aren’t Just for Humans

Just like your yearly physical, an annual checkup for your tree can help ensure its proper growth and health. An expert can give you tips on how to prolong its life, what treatments your yard might need, and when the most effective time to prune its branches is. Each tree is different, and certain species require certain caring that others may not. Trees are wonderful, and the advice from an expert will help you prolong their quality of life. 

Lamb Tree Care Service

With over 25 years of experience, Lamb Tree Care is the premier arbour authority in the Sarasota area. Whether it’s a checkup, trimming, or even removal, we’re here to offer our expertise in all matters relating to trees. For more information, visit us online at lambtreecare.com/.