Here’s How to Tell if You Have a Dead Tree That Needs to be Removed

This time of the year, many trees don’t look their best, even in Florida. Trees use the cooler winter months to restore themselves, rest, and prepare for warmer weather. However, some trees aren’t just looking a little peaked during winter, they have died. Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell that a tree has died. You might need some help determining that a tree has died. Here are some tips you can use to determine whether a tree has died, and what you should do next.

How Do I Know if My Tree Has Died?

Sarasota Tree

Go out into your front or back yard, and take a good hard look at your tree. There are some physical signs that your tree has died. First, check the trunk for fungus growth, especially near the bottom. Fungi on a dead tree usually looks like stacks of small plates, or it may have the traditional mushroom shape. These fungi are a signal your tree is dead.

You can also look for other signs your tree might be dead, such as jagged vertical cracks and large areas of missing bark. You might also notice that your tree branches don’t have leaves, buds or fruit on them. Check for tree root damage, which may mean that the tree is leaning on one side, or that it has sprouted new roots at the bottom of the tree. Finally, you can take a knife and scratch the surface of the tree. If you see green underneath, your tree is healthy, but if you see only brown, or even grayish white, your tree has died.

It is really important to have dead trees removed from your property, because they are hazardous. They can fall on your home or vehicle. If you need a dead tree removed from your property, you need to give Lamb Tree Care Service a call today at 941-377-3333!