Four Facts about Florida Tree-Trimming

With Summertime in the air, there are a few necessary actions to take to make sure you survive it one piece. While sunscreen and air conditioning are standard precautions for beating the heat, there are few things more therapeutic than taking advantage of the shade beneath a tree. In order to make sure that trees stay healthy, getting some much-needed trimming done by a professional service can make all the difference in the world. We’ve taken the time to gather four facts explaining why. 
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Grow Healthy, Grow Strong 

While not every tree is in dire need of trimming, and some are healthy just the way they are, some trees have dead and dying branches that create hazards for personal property and pedestrians. Getting them trimmed up promotes a healthier tree with branches that are less brittle or likely to break. 

Different Species, Different Routines 

Just like not everyone goes for a checkup, works out or even gets their haircut at exactly the same time, some trees have a different schedule when it comes to the ideal time of the year to be trimmed. Palm trees, for example, don’t need trimming at all, but they do need to have their fronds and coconuts picked up after they’ve been shredded. 

Trimming and Pruning are Both Essential for Fruit Trees

If you have trees in your yard that bears fruit, having them pruned and trimmed on a regular basis is what helps them retain their consistency in producing good crops. Most fruit trees are fully grown after three years of being planted, and pruning them supports the growth of healthy branches and is abundant with the fruit that they produce. 

Sap Drip Can Be Avoided 

For many people who have trees on their own property, sap dripping can be a pesky part of the year to deal with. (Mostly occurring during springtime.) Tree species such as elm, avocado, and maple can have their sap dripping halted if you wait until the spring or summertime to begin the trimming and pruning process. If you’re unsure about when your trees should be pruned and trimmed, a professional tree service can help you make that choice. 

Lamb Tree Care

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