Dead Trees & Why They Need to Be Removed Immediately

Dead tree removal is an important consideration when all other treatment measures cannot save sick or damaged trees. While there are plenty of scenarios where we can remedy a tree with injections or other interventions, this is not always possible. We’d like to discuss when and why you should call Lamb Tree Care Service for tree removal.
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Reasons to Consider Tree Removal

  • There’s a Serious Risk the Tree May Fall
    • The most important reason to do tree removal is to avoid a dangerous situation where the tree may fall onto your home, vehicles, or even people. These frightening scenarios happen either unexpectedly as well as whenever we experience intense wind storms. Don’t wait for a tree to fall and cause serious harm before taking action.
  • Incurable Dead Trees Hurt Home Value
    • It’s harder to sell a house with lots of hideous trees that belong in a horror film cemetery. If you’d like to keep your curb appeal, then it’s time to take out the skeleton trees and replace them by planting new ones.
  • Pest Proliferation Around Dead Trees
    • Termites, rats, and wood-boring insects love to feast on dead trees. This only increases the chances they’ll fall, or leave your property with even greater pest issues. Perhaps when they’re finished decomposing that dead tree, they’ll migrate over to your wood siding, doors, windows, or other exterior components.
  • Disease Transmission from Dead Trees
    • The disease that causes the demise of one tree could spread like a contagion throughout your yard. If you notice disease symptoms like mold, mildew, or missing bark, contact a dedicated tree-care expert for an inspection. We don’t permanently remove trees, but those disease symptoms require some kind of response, or things will spread and get worse.
  • Insurance Companies Prefer Early Intervention
    • You don’t want to wait for the tree to fall on your roof, and create expensive repair bills, before finally doing something about it. There’s a much better chance of getting insurance assistance to remove a dead tree than getting them to pay for a fallen tree you could have avoided. The latter may come across as negligence from their vantage point.

These are the most pressing matters that should lead you to take action over dead trees on your property. Please remember that the removal process is NOT a do-it-yourself task. Getting in touch with a reliable tree service to pull down a tree safely rather than risk a serious accident is important.

Lamb Tree Care Service, in Sarasota, Florida, is your best resource for safe tree removal, trimming, stump grinding, land clearing, and other services. We’re the ones to call if you still have any lingering tree issues following the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Contact us anytime for prompt and effective service by calling 941-377-3333.