Reasons to Consider Tree Injections

Within tree management, injecting trees presents itself as an adept solution to treat assorted illnesses. By offering tree injection services, Tree Care Services by Lamb highlights the key advantages. Why invest in keeping your trees healthy through tree injections?

Tree Injections vs Spray Methods

Trees are a valuable asset to our environment and provide many benefits. However, they are vulnerable to a variety of diseases, insects, and other pests that can damage or kill them. To prevent or treat these problems, there are two main methods of administering pesticides or other treatments to trees: tree injections and spray methods. […]

You May Need Tree Injections

Did you know there is such a thing as vaccinations for trees? Yes, sometimes when your tree experiences disease, it may be prudent to treat it with a sort of medicinal injection, much the same way you would a person. Lamb Tree Care would like to briefly explain this, and make you aware of this […]

What are Tree Injections?

When it comes to home and garden maintenance one thing that may go overlooked is the beautiful tree right out front or in your backyard.