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Protect Your Home from Falling Trees and Branches

Trees and branches could fall because of infections, ill health, old age and/or strong winds. The fall could damage your home and render irrecoverable damage. To prevent this from happening, Lamb Tree Care Service suggests these precautions to take without taking away the significance of planting trees around your homestead.Continue Reading

Hurricane Season in Florida!

We hear about the “hurricane season” every year! When is it? What are the chances of it actually hitting Florida? Here are some interesting information that may put some light on the subject. Hurricane season in Florida starts June 1st and ends November 30th with the peak period from early August through the end of…

Why Trim Trees?

Trimming or pruning trees is removing some branches or limbs. But not just any! Correct trim is necessary for the tree’s health. Incorrect trim, on the other hand, can cause the tree to die. There are a few reasons to trim trees. First of all, the tree’s health. Dead and damaged branches need to be…