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Dead Trees & Why They Need to Be Removed Immediately

Dead tree removal is an important consideration when all other treatment measures cannot save sick or damaged trees. While there are plenty of scenarios where we can remedy a tree with injections or other interventions, this is not always possible. We’d like to discuss when and why you should call Lamb Tree Care Service for tree removal.Continue Reading

Why Regular Tree Service is Important

Growing up, trees are drawn in school, they’re looked at from afar, sometimes climbed, and treated as big plants that take care of themselves. But the truth is, trees require care just like anything else. After all, they’re essentially living things. Given the many misconceptions out there, the reasons for regular tree service aren’t well…Continue Reading

Here’s How to Tell if You Have a Dead Tree That Needs to be Removed

This time of the year, many trees don’t look their best, even in Florida. Trees use the cooler winter months to restore themselves, rest, and prepare for warmer weather. However, some trees aren’t just looking a little peaked during winter, they have died. Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell that a tree has died.…Continue Reading