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Shielding Your Trees from a Winter of Discontent

There’s a lot to worry about when winter decides to settle in. You can already tell that your heating bill might be a bit high, the roads will become harder to navigate, and most of all, you’ll have to bundle up just to go grab some milk at the store. With so much to think about, the capability of your plant life making it through the season unscathed might be the last thing on your mind. The unpredictable temperatures can wreak havoc on plant life. As old man winter starts planning his visit, it’s time to build a strong defense.

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Why Regular Tree Service is Important

Growing up, trees are drawn in school, they’re looked at from afar, sometimes climbed, and treated as big plants that take care of themselves. But the truth is, trees require care just like anything else. After all, they’re essentially living things. Given the many misconceptions out there, the reasons for regular tree service aren’t well…Continue Reading

Why is Stump Removal Important?

It may seem like a quaint idea to leave tree stumps scattered around your garden. Maybe it’s for aesthetics or to save time and money. Whatever the reason, leaving /stump-grindings/ behind can pose risks to you and your family. At Lamb Tree Care, we know that it’s important to remove them, and here are our…Continue Reading

Why Do Your Palm Tree Leaves Turn Yellow?

Few trees can bring a tropical, island atmosphere to your property the way that a beautiful palm tree can. And in Florida, the climate is absolutely perfect for it. However, if you are like many other people who have one or more of these in your yard, you may have problems with the leaves turning…Continue Reading