Licensed & Insured Tree Care Services: Ensuring Quality and Safety

When considering tree care services, it’s common to come across the terms “licensed” and “insured.” These terms may seem like mere formalities for the uninitiated, but they carry significant weight in the tree care industry.  Let us take a closer look at licensed and insured tree care services, answering fundamental questions: What does it mean […]

 When is the Best Time to Prune Trees

Pruning is an essential aspect of tree care, but knowing when to do it can make all the difference in the health and appearance of your trees. At Lamb Tree Care, we understand the importance of timing when it comes to tree pruning. In this blog, we’ll explore the best times to prune your trees. […]

How to Know When Your Tree is Sick

In the same way we need to care for our homes and regularly inspect them for issues, we need to care for our lawns and trees!  Sick trees can lead to a lot of dangerous issues like huge falling branches, bugs, and invasive creatures.  Some illnesses can even spread to otherwise healthy trees in your […]

Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Trimming Their Own Trees

Maintaining the trees on your property is an essential aspect of ensuring their health and longevity. While it may seem tempting to tackle tree trimming as a DIY project, it’s crucial to be aware of the potential pitfalls that can arise. To help you make informed decisions about tree care, we’ve compiled a list of […]

 Reasons to Consider Tree Injections

Within tree management, injecting trees presents itself as an adept solution to treat assorted illnesses. By offering tree injection services, Tree Care Services by Lamb highlights the key advantages. Why invest in keeping your trees healthy through tree injections?

Taking Proper Care of Your Trees in the Extreme Florida Heat

If you live in Florida, then there’s no sense in explaining the intense heat that occurs from time to time. And now that the month of August is upon us, it’s more than safe to assume that the summer sun will still hold a firm grasp on us for the rest of this month and […]

Preparing Your Trees for Hurricane Season in Florida

Harsh and unpredictable weather is a major aspect of life in Florida. And with hurricane season approaching soon, there’s quite a bit to be worried about. And that’s why we’re here today. If you have trees and other plant life on your property, take the necessary steps before the next storm begins to approach. 

Signs your Tree Might Need to be Removed Immediately

Nobody enjoys going through the hassle of extracting a large or small tree from their yard, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. In Florida, we experience frequent hurricanes, making those vulnerable trees a serious hazard to your property.

 How to Prepare your Trees for Summer in Florida

As summer approaches in the sunny state of Florida, it’s essential to ensure that your trees are prepared for the challenges that the season brings. With scorching heat, intense sunlight, and occasional storms, it’s crucial to take steps to protect and care for your trees. In this blog post, we will discuss some important tips […]

What Makes Lamb Tree Care the Best Tree Service in the Sarasota County Area?

West Florida has a lot of tree care companies, a market necessity in a heavily arboreal community, where we’re extra vulnerable to hurricane winds and various landscaping calamities. So, we know we have lots of competition, but still stand out among the pack for our customers who depend on reliable tree care service. We’re also […]