Preparing Your Trees for Hurricane Season in Florida

Harsh and unpredictable weather is a major aspect of life in Florida. And with hurricane season approaching soon, there’s quite a bit to be worried about. And that’s why we’re here today. If you have trees and other plant life on your property, take the necessary steps before the next storm begins to approach. 

 How to Prepare your Trees for Summer in Florida

As summer approaches in the sunny state of Florida, it’s essential to ensure that your trees are prepared for the challenges that the season brings. With scorching heat, intense sunlight, and occasional storms, it’s crucial to take steps to protect and care for your trees. In this blog post, we will discuss some important tips […]

What Makes Lamb Tree Care the Best Tree Service in the Sarasota County Area?

West Florida has a lot of tree care companies, a market necessity in a heavily arboreal community, where we’re extra vulnerable to hurricane winds and various landscaping calamities. So, we know we have lots of competition, but still stand out among the pack for our customers who depend on reliable tree care service. We’re also […]

Storm Preparation for Trees

The tropical storm season is upon us, but it’s not too late to safeguard your home from fallen-tree hazards. You don’t need us to tell you how frightening it is to have an old tree succumb to wind gusts and crash onto your house. It’s a terrible scenario, but a preventable one if you prepare […]

What are Tree Injections?

When it comes to home and garden maintenance one thing that may go overlooked is the beautiful tree right out front or in your backyard.

The Best Time To Trim Trees In Florida

When it comes to taking care of trees, timing is everything. Even something like when and how to prune a fig tree is a centuries-old consideration. As any Floridian knows, tree trimming is a little different in sub-tropical climates than in other parts of the country.

What to Look for in a Tree Company

Hiring any company that works in the service industry requires some basic knowledge. While some dismiss the tree service as somewhat mundane labor, the truth is, it can be dangerous work–both for the workers who perform the task and your property.

How to Tell If Your Tree is Dying

With fall upon us, some of our trees may start to change colors and drop their leaves. However, excessive dropping or dropping leaves too quickly can be a tell-tale sign that your tree is dying and needs to be looked at by a professional. Lamb Tree Care of Sarasota is here to help you spot […]

Choose a Certified Arborist — Here’s Why

While some yard work can be done by a landscaper or hobby gardener, other tasks, particularly those involving trees, require the assistance of a professional arborist. Lamb Tree Care Service is proud to have trained arborists who have years of experience on tree care and maintenance, so you can trust you are receiving the best […]

How to Deal with Exposed Tree Roots

Are your roots showing? In this case, we’re not talking about your hair roots (which you may not care about anyway) but tree roots instead. You may think that exposed tree roots are no big deal, but they can become a problem. If you are dealing with exposed tree roots, here is information you need […]