Bark is Falling Off My Tree, Should I Be Worried?

Do you notice bark coming off one of the trees on your property? It’s not always a cause for alarm when your tree loses bark, but it could be a sign of disease.
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If that’s the case, then consider getting an inspection from us to see if it’s something we can address. With that in mind, we should cover the common signs of diseased trees, and how to treat them.

Common Reasons Trees Lose Their Bark

  • Extreme Heat
      • This can be a tremendous problem in Florida during the summer. Of course, if you catch this issue early, you can probably rehab the tree with increased watering. This helps a lot if we encounter a dry spell.
  • Pests/Vermin
      • There are many insects, rodents, and other pests that cause trouble for trees, including termites, woodpeckers, sapsuckers, gypsy moths, and caterpillars. Don’t ignore the problem if you notice insects and missing bark from your trees.
  • Disease/Infection
      • Trees are a lot like humans and animals with their susceptibility to disease. The most telltale signs of disease or infection include discoloration, dead leaves, blisters, withering branches, and unusual growths.

Tree Injections with Lamb Tree Care Service

Fortunately, we have terrific ways to handle these conditions, especially difficult diseases. Lamb Tree Care Service offers tree injection treatment by introducing beneficial chemicals directly into the base of the tree. It’s no different from seeing your doctor for medicine, and it has several benefits.

  • Reduce or eliminate fungal growth in a festering wound on the tree.
  • Introduce safe pesticides that will disrupt or kill pests that are eating away at your tree.
  • Prevent future occurrences of the same problem by inoculating the tree.

We prefer the injection method for tree treatment because it’s more precise and effective than other tactics. For example, it doesn’t leave chemicals all over your yard, which is unavoidable with any spraying approach. In summation, this is one of the best ways to counter and prevent problems like lost tree bark.

Lamb Tree Care Service helps land owners in Sarasota diagnose and treat common tree diseases. So, if you see something unusual on one of your trees, then don’t hesitate to seek an expert opinion. It might make all the difference in saving and rehabilitating the tree. Contact us to learn more about our services at 941-377-3333.