Avoid These Common Tree Care Mistakes

Trees create a home and add value to your property. They create shade for family gatherings and add an element of beauty to your yard. You can build tire swings and treehouses, bringing even more character into your home. An essential part of maintaining your garden is caring for your trees but not many people know how to do it properly. At Lamb Tree Care, we have over 25 years of experience helping clients keep their trees neat and healthy. Over the years, we’ve noticed that people tend to make these common tree care mistakes.

Decayed Tree

Ignore the signs of decay or disease

Noticing signs of disease is a crucial part of caring for your trees. Like with many illnesses, the sooner you notice and fix it, the better. If you aren’t sure what signs to look for then these might help:

  • Leaves falling off too soon
  • Discolored spots on the leaves
  • Twigs and branches that have damage
  • Branches that fall off or decay earlier than they should

If you notice any of these signs, get in touch. We can help you save your trees with tree injections and other tree care services.

Improperly prune tree branches

It’s crucial to prune your trees of dead and decaying branches, but sometimes you cut off too many and inadvertently lop off healthy ones. This can make your tree more susceptible to the elements and might cause disease. On the flip side, you will inhibit airflow through your tree, which can leave it weak and limit its growth. Use our tree trimming services to help you maintain your trees without all the fuss. If you have palm trees that need trimming, we’ve got you covered. We handle everything from pruning to the removal of debris at the end.

Provide a poor water supply

Your trees need the right amount of water to thrive. Too much and the roots rot, too little, and the tree withers. Trees need about 20 gallons of water a week for the first few years of their life. Older trees only need water about once or twice a month. Try using a sprinkler system to make your life easier and ensure your tree gets the exact water it needs to grow healthy and stay strong.

Lamb Tree Care can help you keep your trees beautiful, healthy, and strong. If you’re looking to redesign your landscape, we offer tree planting services, too. Call us on (941) 377-3333 or complete the contact form on this page. We have 24/7 emergency storm services if you need tree removal fast. We’re here to help your trees thrive so that you can enjoy your garden.