Are Your Trees Prepared for Hurricane Season?

It is time for hurricane season. With hurricane season comes harsh winds and heavy rain. These intense winds can cause significant damage, especially if you have trees in your yard that are not prepared for hurricane season.

Palm Trees in Sarasota

Pruning trees before hurricane season can make all the difference. One benefit of pruning trees is doing so actually improves the health of the tree. Pruning a tree strengthens the tree’s overall health and improves the defenses of the tree. This allows a tree to be more stable and strong when faced with high winds. It is suggested that you prune your trees in advance of hurricane season, as this allows the trees to recuperate from the wounds sustained during the pruning process. Once it heals from these small wounds, it is able to be as strong as possible when hurricane season hits.

Another reason you should consider pruning is because pruning can reveal any hidden problems in a tree. Sometimes a tree looks healthy from the outside, but the tree is actually experiencing stress or an insect infestation. The pruning process can identify any potential problems with a tree so you can tend to these problems before hurricane season. If a tree is suffering from stress or infestations, it will be weaker in tough weather conditions and may fall over.

Before hurricane season, make sure the branches of your trees are trimmed. Any branches that are broken or damaged should be removed. In the event of high winds, these broken or damaged branches can get caught in the wind and cause damage to property. Trimming a tree can keep you, your family, your car, and your home safe this hurricane season.

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