Are Your Trees in Sarasota Healthy?

Trees are amazing plants. They give us shade and provide us with flowers and fruit. Trees take such good care of us; we need to return the favor. It is not always easy to tell when a tree is not doing as well as you want–until it is too late, and the tree is already dying. When a tree gets to that stage, you may have no choice but to have it removed. How can you tell if a tree is healthy? Here are some tips.

Tips to Discover Whether Your Trees Are Healthy

Sarasota Tree

You can do a visual inspection of your tree to check for problems. That is the best way to tell if a tree is healthy or not. Here’s some problems to look for when you’re inspecting your tree.

First, if you see sap or fluid leaking from the bottom of your tree, that may be an indication that it’s not in good shape. It may indicate disease, so you need to get it checked out. Also, look at the growths on your tree. If the growths on your tree are mossy or green, you have nothing to worry about. However, if the growths are hard and gray, this might indicate a disease. The disease could endanger the vascular system of your tree, so have someone look at it. Look at the bark on your trees as well. If the bark is peeling on the tree, you may have a bug problem or a disease issue also.

You can also look at the shoots and leaves on the tree. If they shrivel and blacken, your tree might have a disease called fire blight, which will need to be treated. If it’s not treated, your tree could die. Tree leaves may also show yellowing or browning, which is a different disease. White powdery leaves are also a problem–powdery mildew, which must be removed in order to keep your tree healthy.

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