5 Trees That Withstand Florida’s Storms

While Lamb Tree Care Service offers 24-hour Emergency Storm Clean Up in case one of Florida’s powerful storms rages against your home and knocks down a tree, the best thing to do is to prevent this type of damage from happening in the first place. The best way to prevent a tree from falling on your property is by planting the right trees! Landscape planning can be tricky for some homeowners, so we have put together a list of five trees that can withstand Florida’s storms:

Sabal Palmetto Tree

Sabal Palmetto

What better tree is there to plant in your yard than the Florida State tree, the Sabal Palmetto. Also known as the cabbage palm, the Florida native is a strong and dense tree that can grow up to 60 feet high and withstand strong wind and cold temperatures. It is an adaptable tree that adds a beautiful tropical flair to your space.

Southern Magnolia

Nothing represents Southern grace and charm quite like a beautiful Southern Magnolia tree in full bloom. Towering at up to 90 feet high, these strong trees are great at blocking high wind, and the breathtaking white flowers in spring and summer make it a tree with decorative function as well.

Live Oak

If you want a tree that is both tall and wide, then the giant Live Oak may be the perfect option for your yard. Trunk diameters can reach up to 6 feet, branches spread up to 100 feet around, and it grows up to 60 feet high. With stability and size like this, the live oak is a strong shield against storms and can live for hundreds of years if planted correctly.

Tulip Tree

The tulip tree is another tree that adds a beautiful decorative touch while providing storm protection. However, it should be noted that this tree must be trimmed appropriately in order for it to be resistant to storms.

Bald Cypress

The Bald Cypress is a versatile tree that thrives in both flooded and dry environments. It is adaptable, water-resistant, and another attractive choice for storm protection.

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