4 Facts to Know About Tree Removal

Trees, they’re wonderful, aren’t they? They’re beautiful to look at, they provide shade on a hot day, as well as oxygen that we need to survive. Like all living things, trees have a life cycle that has a beginning, middle, and end. It’s sad, but even trees shuffle off the mortal coil and breathe their last. It’s at this point where they can become a potential safety hazard, not to mention an unsightly eye sore. Before that decaying truck gets chopped down with a swiftness that would make George Washington applaud, there’s a few facts about tree removal you should know…
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Tree Removal Can Help You Avoid Legal Action

If a tree on your yard damages anything on your neighbor’s property, you are liable for any repair and removal costs. While anything that’s a result of an unforeseen accident relieves you of fault, a dead or decaying tree on your property is your responsibility to remove. Don’t try to remove it yourself, do the right thing and call some experts in.

Property Damage Prevention

Just because a tree is past its prime and looks dead and decrepit, doesn’t mean it’s gotten any lighter. Healthy and dead trees are both heavy and can cause an equal amount of property damage. If you’re unsure if a tree is a hazard, a tree removal company can advise you on the situation.

Winter Provides the Ideal Time for Tree Removal

Despite the joys of sledding, skiing, and Santa, winter isn’t exactly an ideal time of year. The cold gets harder to deal with every year depending on your geographic location. During the winter months, trees lose their leaves and as a result become less bulky. This means tree removal companies can remove them a lot easier than they can during the rest of the year. A less stressful cleanup operation can lead to a much lower cost for removal.

“Don’t get “Stumped”

Maybe you’ve successfully removed a tree, or one was cut down before you moved in to your current residence. Don’t let that unsightly stump become a permanent resident and bring down the property values in your yard. A tree removal service can cut down the stump to ground level. This will keep the obtrusion hidden and the surrounding vegetation won’t be compromised.

25 Years of Lamb Tree Care

We certainly hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the importance and benefits of professional tree trimming. Trees can provide safety hazards, and when they do, the experts at Lamb tree care are here to be of service. We have over 25 years of experience and can put those years to good use in taking care of that eyesore. Grab a lumberjack hat and head on over to https://www.lambtreecare.com/ for more info.