24 Hour Storm Damage

24 Hour Emergency Storm Clean Up

Mother Nature can be quite finicky and shows it by throwing all kinds of weather our way. Some good, some bad, and some downright ugly! The Sunshine State isn’t always a day at the beach, and hurricane season proves it. Hurricanes and storms are associated with the sizable devastation they leave behind. Incredibly, there are relentless storms that can totally uproot visually robust trees. Just imagine the horrifying sound and sight of a mammoth tree striking and crushing the roof of a house, or even penetrating the inside wall of a building. Fallen trees can also lead to fires caused by interference with power lines. Fear not, because Lamb Tree Care Service is ready to come to your rescue, day or night, seven days per week!

Completing formidable do-it-yourself undertakings makes people feel good about their newfound capabilities. However, there are times when DIY projects are not a brilliant idea and tree cleanup is one of them. Tragic consequences occur all too often when inexperienced homeowners attempt to cut tree trunks and branches on their properties that have been weakened or disfigured due to the wrath of a storm. Since homeowners typically do not have heavy-duty equipment and the expertise of professionals, they usually try to get complicated work done with only basic cutting tools that cannot handle a heavy tree trunk or a huge and weighty branch. Trees and branches that get detached by a novice can easily fall onto another tree or the home’s roof. It is unnecessary to place yourself in bodily harm by struggling to remove a tree that has landed on top of your roof.

Powerful gusts of winds and heavy rain compromise the integrity and strength of trees and their limbs during a storm or hurricane. Once they have become weakened, they may still be standing upright and seem okay. However, the fact is that at any time they could come crashing down and result in major devastation to property, and even worse, cause fatal injuries to you, your family, and passersby. It is crucial to arrange an emergency visit at once with a competent tree removal service to conduct the cleanup effectively, safely, and promptly.

Lamb Tree Care Service’s highly-trained crew can manage a tree-related emergency that occurs on your personal residency or other premises. We are fully licensed and insured to offer clients comprehensive cleanups from storms, tree trunk removals, and branch trimmings at reasonable prices. Lamb Tree Care Service is situated at 4411 Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota, Florida, and you may contact us anytime at (941) 377-3333 for a free estimate to handle your emergency.

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